Rats in Attic or Walls.

Removal of Rats in attic in the Rockford metro.

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Rats in the Attic Rockford metro

There is nothing more eerie than having something uknown making scratching noises in your attic. Running across beams, rats in the attic make skittering and scratching noises and it makes your skin crawl. Northern IL Wildlife Removal Wildlife Removal of Rockford metro, IL 815-800-1224 can help put an end to your rat and mice problems.

Rats have teeth which continue to grow, like all rodents, that need to be worn down by chewing hard materials like the wooden beams
in your attic. So, a significant mouse or rat problem could cause serious damage to your attic. Rats will also chew at wiring, stripping its coating and possibly cutting it which can become a fire hazard.

Rats in the Walls Rockford metro

Call an Animal Control Professional in Northern IL at the first signs of mice and rat trouble. Don’t wait until their population has gotten out of control or the rats have found their way to the living areas of your home in search of food. Rats can chew things in your attic, and they can also gnaw their way into your home. Call us today at 815-800-1224.

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Rat Removal

Removal rats in attic.

Rat Damage Repair

We repair damage caused by rats.

Rat Mess Cleanup

Expert cleanup to keep your family and home, safe

Insulation Removal

Replace Damaged, contaminated insulation.

Insulation Installed

Blown, batted and spray foam.

Residential Rat Removal

Removal of rats and residential damage repair.

Attic Restorations

Disinfecting and cleaning of contaminated attics.

Continued Rat Control

Professional Rat Exclusion and proffing. We keep rats out.

Rats in Attic and home.

Rat mess cleanup.

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