Skunks Under Porch.

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How to get rid of Skunks Under Porch, Rockford metro, IL

Skunks under porches in Rockford metro, IL is a very common call we get in the Spring and Late winter months. Skunks are usually looking for a home or to get out of the weather in those months. It is usually colder in the late winter and in Rockford metro, skunks do not have allot of places to go. Skunks will get under porches and steps in a attempt to escape the weather and also to find a suitable place for the skunk babies. Skunks will start their breeding cycle in Early January and it will go well into the early spring months. Part of their courtship is the male skunk seeking the female skunk to attempt to breed her. If she is not ready to breed with the aggressive male skunk, she will spray him in an effort to show him she is not ready to breed.

This is all fine and well unless the skunk is under your house. If the female skunk is not ready to breed, the male skunk will make repetitive visits over and over again until the female skunk is ready. This makes for a very unpleasant situation under your home as the female skunk will continues to spray the male skunk before she will accept in the breed. Skunk essence is one of the hardest chemicals in the world to eliminate. There are several solutions that will mask the smell of skunks but very few chemicals have been proven to be totally effective against the rotten egg smell the skunks produce.

I have skunks under my porch, will they just leave?

The quick answer is yes, they will leave eventually. Most Skunks will stay near where they have had their babies until the babies or old enough to leave the "nest". This usually occurs when the baby skunks are approximately 8 to 10 weeks old. The new skunk babies will experiment with the new “scent weapon” and will often spray each other. This creates a very unwelcoming environment underneath your house or under your porch. This is a problem that should be taking care of as soon as it is discovered as putting this problem off could lead to some very stinky results and possibly make things worse.

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